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Getting charged in federal court is different, challenging

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2023 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Justice |

It is always intimidating to get charged with any type of crime.

For those who have never been through the justice system before, it is important to remember that a charge in federal court for weapons crimes, drug trafficking, white collar crimes or some other federal offense can be especially challenging.

Even those in the northern New Jersey suburbs who may have had a brush with the local criminal justice system for something like a DWI or a lower-level drug charge need to understand that federal court is a completely different ballgame:

  • The federal courts mete out punishments for violations of federal law, and these laws may apply differently than even very similar state laws.
  • People may not have the same rights in federal court as they would in the local courts. On the flip side, federal procedures impose deadlines and duties on defendants.
  • Federal sentencing works very differently than does sentencing in the state courts of New York and New Jersey. Often, because of mandatory minimum sentences, a person faces a much harsher sentence in federal court than they would in state court for a very similar accusation.
  • Importantly, bond works differently in federal court. The federal courts for many charges may simply refuse to let a person out of jail before their trial.
  • Federal prosecutors and investigators are well-known for having a lot of training and knowledge as well as plenty of financial resources to prosecute a case.

A person facing any federal charge should make sure they know their options

Because federal court is so different, it is important that someone facing a charge there understands their rights and options in detail.

Moreover, they will need proper guidance to make sure they are able to navigate through the federal justice system successfully. Misunderstandings about how federal court works can hurt a person’s defenses significantly.

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