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Creating a strong criminal defense unique to your matter

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Whether it is your first criminal charge or not, being charged with a crime is a serious situation. Your personal and professional reputation are on the line, all while determining how best to defend yourself.

This can quickly become an overwhelming and emotional matter. The criminal defense process can be complex, lengthy and taxing. Additionally, it could result with severe penalties, including an extensive prison sentence.

No one wants to go through this process alone. And with so much at stake, a legal professional should be by your side to ensure the best defense strategy is asserted.

Providing a strong defense

A criminal defense is not just unique to the alleged crimes but also to the accused. The legal team at the Law Office of Andy Weinstein understands this, which is why our law firm is equipped with attorneys with extensive knowledge and experience handling all types of criminal matters.

With prior experience as a prosecutor, we are able to provide perspectives from both sides. This allows for us to develop a strong defense strategy that will aid in the dismissal or the reduction of the charges filed against you.

Getting answers to your questions

If this is your first criminal charge, you are likely to feel overwhelmed and confused. Even if you have a past criminal record, you are likely to have questions. You might not know whether you can or should speak with law enforcement, if it is possible to have the charges dropped and avoid court and whether a plea agreement is the best option for you.

A legal professional can help answer and explain these and other questions that are likely to arise in a criminal matter. As such, it is important that you take immediate action to understand your situation, your legal rights and what defense options you have to avoid or reduce the criminal penalties you might face.

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