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New York and New Jersey plan holiday DUI crackdown

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

In New York and New Jersey, December is a time when people attend parties and events to celebrate the holidays. These are family gatherings, work celebrations and simply going out with friends to have a good time.

Part of that involves drinking alcohol and using intoxicating substances.

Since impaired driving is such a problem during the holidays, legislators and law enforcement seek to educate drivers as to its risk while having enhanced patrols.

This will inevitably lead to arrests. Those accused must understand what they are facing and the importance of a strong defense.

Initiatives for the holidays

Given the risk of impaired driving during the holidays, both New York and New Jersey announced separate crackdowns on impairment throughout December.

In New York, December is STOP-DWI month. Among the strategies involved are public service campaigns to emphasize the risk of driving under the influence.

Law enforcement will be out in force from the second week in December through the new year.

There was already a similar initiative for November as Thanksgiving approached. More than 200 people were placed under arrest for impaired driving that month. There were more than 900 auto accidents connected to impairment.

New Jersey is also embarking on its own campaign to encourage drivers not to drive under the influence and arresting those who are accused of doing so. According to the state attorney general, manpower will be increased to have checkpoints to randomly stop vehicles during the holidays.

This is comparable to a campaign from 2021 when the Garden State arrested more than 600 people for impaired driving. Other violations included speeding and people not wearing seatbelts.

After a drunk or drugged driving arrest, a defense is crucial

People who find themselves facing charges for impaired driving need to think about the case practically with a full understanding of the value of a strong defense. DUI/DWI charges are made based on testing procedures and the officer’s interpretation of driver behaviors. It is not automatic that the driver will be convicted.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys assess the circumstances and formulate an effective plan to defend clients who are facing drunk driving charges.

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