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After an arrest, what do I do?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | General Questions |

After an arrest, you know the advice, remain silent and ask for an attorney. Luckily, for both state and federal charges, you will be appointed a public defender that will represent you at your immediate bail hearing. Hopefully, they will be able to get you bail, but, that does not mean your journey is over. It just means you do not have to wait for your trial in a Verona, New Jersey, jailcell.

What do I do if I do not get bail?

Depending on the circumstances, your public defender may have gotten your case minutes before representing you in court. That is not enough time to create a case for bail, so if you do not get bail, do not fret. You just need to get your own attorney.

What if I get bail?

Congratulations! But, chances are, you are still going to need your own attorney. While Northern New Jersey public defenders are passionate jurist, they simply do not have the resources an attorney needs to fully litigate a case. They are burdened with a caseload that is, frankly, astonishingly high. This means that, unless you just absolutely cannot afford your own counsel, it almost always a better idea to find your own attorney.

How do I find one?

Like with most things in life, you can find many attorneys online. There are multiple places to look for attorneys, including Yelp, Google, your state’s bar website and most importantly, friends and family. Referrals are the best way to find a new attorney because it is from someone you trust after that attorney has done a good job for you.

What am I looking for in a lawyer?

First, and foremost, you are looking for experience in the exact charge you are facing. Next, you are looking for experience in the New York Metro courthouse you face those charges in. While many may think that that one courthouse is the same as another, that is simply not true. Each courthouse as different judges, different local customs and different players, and that is true regardless of whether it is a state or federal courthouse. This is why it is so important to find an attorney with very specific and successful experience.

I have found more than one. What now?

If you are blessed to find multiple Northern New Jersey and New York Metro attorneys with success at the same courthouse and charges that you face, then, again, congratulations. This is a good problem. Call them, make appointments. Meet the attorneys. Learn about them, the way they work and their costs. Look for the one that you are most comfortable with, and that understands the challenges you face. Then, you both can get to work.

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