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Consequences of convictions beyond jail time

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2021 | Criminal Justice |

A criminal charge can be a difficult and intimidating thing to face. When a New Jersey resident is arrested and charged with allegedly breaking the law, their concerns can be far-reaching and very real. While they may worry about infringements on their immediate rights and freedoms, they may also have serious concerns about their long-term standing under the law.

Criminal convictions and arrests can have serious implications for those affected. This post will discuss some ways that they can impact individuals’ lives. To deal with active criminal legal situations, readers can contact their trusted criminal defense lawyers.


One way that a conviction can impact a person’s long-term rights happens in the context of employment. A conviction may show up on a person’s record during a background check. While the state has recognized the heavy burden prior conviction places on people who wish to re-enter the workforce, there are still areas of employment where convictions bar inclusion.


If a person is not a citizen of the United States, their legal status in the country can be affected by a criminal conviction. In fact, a person may face deportation out of the United States if they are convicted and may be barred from returning to the United States.


Finally, another consequence of a criminal conviction is the possible impact on one’s reputation. It can be hard for a person to go back to normal life after spending time in jail or suffering other penalties of their convictions. Some individuals who have been convicted struggle to thrive once free.

Arrests and convictions have long-term consequences. Men and women facing these overwhelming legal problems do not have to face their struggles alone, and local attorneys can provide them with case-relevant guidance and help.


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