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Legal changes make life after prison easier for New Yorkers  

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Criminal Justice |

Those who have been convicted and sentenced under the laws of the State of New York should have the opportunity to redeem themselves.

After all, without a second chance, it can be very hard for a person to get back on her feet.

Moreover, there is truth to the notion that someone who serves his sentence should at that point be able to live the life of an average citizen without having his record constantly haunting him.

In this respect, earlier in the year, the Governor of New York on two separate occasions signed a total of 5 bills into law.

Parolees will be less likely to face harsh penalties for minor infractions

The Governor signed four bills on one day after signing a separate bill a few weeks prior.

A few of these measures make life easier on people who are paroled.

One law will clarify standards that officials use to decide whether to revoke a person’s parole. The goal is to prevent people from going back to prison over minor rule violations which do little or no harm to the community and which are easy to address through less drastic means.

Two of the measures signed as a group also granted paroles protection. One clarified that parolees do not have to worry about curfew violations of parole if they are performing overtime work or have taken a job on a night shift.

The other measure clarified that parolees can lawfully protest conditions at work without having to worry about a parole violation.

A separate statute allowed convicted felons to act as an executor in an estate so long as they had fully served their sentences.

While what happens prior to a conviction is obviously very important in the world of criminal law, people who have already admitted responsibility may also need to be familiar with their legal options in their effort move on with their lives.

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