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Bronx teacher accused of sending unlawful texts

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

A teacher at a secondary school in the Bronx has been removed from his position after police arrested him in connection with several photos he allegedly took and transmitted over social media.

Police are accusing him of sending pictures of his intimate parts to two 16-year old girls and one 18-year-old. It was not clear whether these people were students. New York law prohibits transmitting lewd pictures to people under 17.

In response to the police’s actions, the New York City Department of Education, which supervises the City’s schools, indicated that the teacher will not be allowed at the school. He had recently taken a position with the school in September.

Sexting allegations can have an immediate impact on a person’s job, profession

Police and prosecutors take sexting charges and other allegations seriously. If convicted, the man in this case could wind up going to prison and facing other penalties, including having to register as a sex offender.

However, it is important to realize that this man’s life has already been altered even by the fact he was arrested. Local media outlets have printed the allegations against him, and he has apparently lost his job. The man may also have his teaching credentials revoked.

Especially in a case involving children, it can be hard not to jump to conclusions after a person gets formally accused of a criminal offense. As with any other criminal charge, however, police and prosecutors will have to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt before securing a criminal conviction.

A teacher or other New York professional who is facing sexting or other potentially embarrassing and serious legal allegations no doubt will experience some fear and uncertainty.

However, that makes it all the more important for the person to understand his or her legal options and to have someone available to be sure his or her side of the story gets told at the appropriate time.


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