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Teen charged in DWI crash that cost brother leg

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Driving Offenses in NJ, Driving Offenses in NY |

A drunk driving crash in West Caldwell has cost an 18-year-old man his leg.

Prior to the crash, the victim had been trying to prevent his twin brother from getting behind the wheel intoxicated. He jumped on the hood of his vehicle while it was in motion to prevent him from driving. The brother driving lost control of the car and slammed into a tree before the victim could get off the hood.

Doctors deemed the victim’s leg unsalvageable and had it amputated. He will require 10 more surgeries, according to family members.

The brother driving has been charged with aggravated assault, vehicular aggravated assault while intoxicated in a school zone, leaving the scene of an accident and endangering an injured victim.

The right defense can make the difference

Facing charges for a serious crime is terrifying. Of course, there’s much more at stake than just prison time. A conviction could mean difficulty finding a job, renting an apartment, and even voting. This isn’t to mention the irreparable damage to your reputation, which could take years to overcome.

Considering the stakes, having the right defense attorney by your side is critical. An experienced attorney knows the evidence the prosecution needs to prove its case and can launch a counter investigation to uncover the facts. If the case goes to trial, they can provide a vigorous defense of your rights in a court of law.

But a good criminal defense lawyer also appreciates the circumstances facing their client, offering candid advice and an empathetic voice throughout the process.

New Jersey residents shouldn’t hesitate to reach out. The early stages of a criminal case are critical and often determine the outcome.


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